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Know Thyself

All I’ve known is the known darkness
The isolation from you
The loneliness of me
I suppose this has been the great tragedy, the one I’ve suspected all along
I just want you to know me

Dearest, I just want to be known
I just want to be known so someone can tell me who I am

And, my love, when you know me, it’s true: I will seek the same quiet shelter alone
Find that unused absence of light
Wallow in the lost library
Unseen, blind in the contradiction
As long suspected
In unplanned dreams
In wild lapses
Vino’s veritas

I swear it pains me, it does, dear, as if, as if it were some epic trauma
As if I had once been some exalted god on high, now fallen
Called to this earthy morass of light and dark
Ecstatic pain and agony joy

And I swear
Oh yes on my dearest breath I vow
I will always, I suspect, always blame you, blameless unknowing

Know me, dear
Mommy daddy lover offspring lord
Know me and tell me who I am


Fan Note

Your poetry is quite pedestrian
Like that old lady I saw walking her dog
Along the sidewalk
This morning
My poetry isn’t good either
But that’s not the point
Now is it?
All I’m saying is go back to poem school.
You need it.

A still life observed while enjoying an early evening perfectly warm stroll along the Boardwalk near the sea.

I nearly passed by it
Co-workers on the beach quiet
Lee kissing Lim
Burning skin in intense city dreams
These are the dreams
The dreams life is made of
The dreams it’s so good to be out of

The awe

Fists clenched still
Life presents endless cycles
Endless eruptions of fear elation anxiety
And peace
Even still
In this still, still life


It’s so good to be out of the office

Neck rolls and shoulder shrugs
Breathe in and close the eyes
Allow the peace to come and call
Leagues below
The depths the soul
The death of the soul


Fists unclenched
Eyes wide revealing it now
Ah, see them still
Life, why don’t I have this still

Soft sands soft hands
Limber lips
A melting sun


The Unwelcomed Guest

I am enjoying this party

The perfect panoply
Perfume and personality
Casual yet clean
The right display of food
The right dosage of wine
The deep toke
A drag or two – what the heck – three!

For the first time in recent memory, I’m attending an event buzzing, content, finally alive
The conversation is easy but real
It confronts one with momentary pause, open wonder
Before tripping easily into warm laughter and a wash of well being

It’s a gentle eureka, this paradise party
Existing, it appears, in immortal splendor

Till now

Yeah – yep – knew it – I fucking knew it! – there it is
Again, the dreaded vibration
The rusted cheese grater of your voice seeping through the thick walls and dense haze of music and connection
The stale garlic of your essence invading my membranes
Drowning me in renewed disgust

Your body enters the room
Again, I find – again!- Fuck! – again? -
Yes, I’m confronted with my own empty inadequacy
My ugly pettiness and low thinking
My fraudulent membership in the tribe
Made ever more clear by this appearance at the door:

Eden has fallen

Now all the warmth flows your way, the loudest honoree I could imagine
(And noisome too!)

I just don’t see it
But they do
Perhaps, were I they, I would too
But I am not they
And they – no! – Goddamnit! – they do not
They take no notice as I fade into the wall
Unseen, forgotten
Whatever happened to…

And so now the night returns us to our status quo:
Another party ruined
Another annihilation of innocent vulnerable dreams
Another pint of premium vanilla vanishing
The sad white man awash in another stale white man’s sour monologue glowing blue from the oversized plastic miracle flowing with electrons and Internet

Comfort – diabetes – dull, dull, yet certain
And pain

Thanks. Thanks a lot – asshole.


Why I Write Poetry

I feel vulnerable and alone
Like my mom and dad didn’t love me enough.
And I’m pretty damn sure
You have no idea what that’s like.

I like things in nature.
Things like flowers and the ocean and certain animals.
And I think they are really beautiful.
Because you don’t understand how beautiful they are,
I need to show you.

I want you to think I was touched.
By God.
Or a pervert.
It doesn’t matter.
As long as I’m the victim.
And the star.

I hate poetry.
I don’t understand poetry.
So I write poetry.

My wish is you will see the world through my mind and understand just how amazing I am and how hard my life has been and therefore want to smother me with kisses and money (and honey if you’re kinky)


k-paso in duh neighborhood

Hey Luke!
Look, listen:
Lou kissin
Some broad named Tammy 
Look, listen:
Lou kissin
Some broad named Mandy 
Look, listen:
Lou kissin
Some broad named Alexandra 
Oh yeah, Luke, listen: 
Lou pissin 
Off the neighborhood broads
You got Tammy and Mandy and some broad called Alexandra
Wah wah – Alexandra – wah wah 
Doopelee dupe duh dee dang dee dang dang 
Lou listen: 
Luke’s kissin
Yo momma in duh Kmart parking lot
Alexandra! Time for your streusel and viola practice 
Get home girl!

in the moment

hold me close
keep watch
and remind me always
of tonight
this ease and flow
in the warm breezes
desserts we share
with no calorieeses

I couldn’t love anything more than I love you now
in this moment
I couldn’t love life, god, you, me,
nor whatever god wants to be
I couldn’t love history and all its agony and disease
nor evolution nor the seven seas
no, I couldn’t love them more
my cells are not equipped
the butterflies have flipped
every move and perfect breath
another step from perfect death

keep this with me
never let me forget
because at times
too many, you bet
I fear upending
the up ending
is what life has in store
forever and ever
and evermore