Can’t Stop The Vanity Insanity

No matter how much I meditate on the other
No matter how aware and open I’ve become
No matter all I do
I only see how silly and lost they are
All of them
How much they need me and my innate wisdom
How much they
And you
And sure I know I’ve earned no degree nor toiled among the ancient stacks late nights into the morn
Sure my insights come from the mirror and the books a middle schooler would find profound
And overpriced seminars I still can’t afford
And no I haven’t allowed myself the vulnerability to suffer the emotional breakdowns and risks I see all around me
But that kind of proves my point, right?
Don’t you think?
The ivory tower of ignorance has a purpose
It protects me so that I may be profound
And speaking of profound, man oh man, the insights I’ve got are good and I know – I just know – like I know I can breathe – that they’re right
My insights -whatever they are – are right!
And I look so good and my voice is so nice and soothing when I share these pearls
How could I be wrong?
I honestly believe in the telegenetic code, I honestly do
Looks represent who you are, what you prioritize in this world
Looks reveal character
You need to know that
And I really, really look good
Like a wise man should.
Like a wise man should. 



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