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Stella, Rebounding

Marco is a fantastic lover
I’m telling you the hours
The sheer flexibility not only of limb but mind my my
My, my
I’m telling you we flower
Marco is a fantastic lover

Why, just look there:
The agile thoughtfully silent nimble elegance of his tip toeing out my disheveled room
Half-clad pre-dawn to attend rehearsal on time
The dentist, his accountant, or something
Well, a finer gentleman Yahweh hath never crafted
A genius so cunning with his tongue

The blinding suns of Los Angeles are massaging me in their gauzy white glow
I am nourished dear ones
I am nourished and I shall flourish and I am not blind
Just wise
Wise, my dears, to the singularity of the moment
So please
Let me be


‘20 to ‘21 (note to self)

All year long all year all year!
We were all unable to leave all
Unable to breathe all
Unable to grieve all
All year!
And we’ve been holding
Off holding off
All year!
The floods heavy
The fathoms blue
The ballooning fear
The agony and sorrow we’ve lived through
It is a dark time and it is.  It is
Past far past!
Time to acknowledge the hurt time
To let in the pain time
To exhale
The lost rhyme.
The lost rhyme.


I Look Good

I got ya on my mind
Ya always been so fine
Better drain that wine, boy, ’cause
I look good
I look good
I look good

I Fitbit off my lipids
Now my jeans be fitted
Don’t be so insipid, boy, ’cause
I look good
I look good
I look good

I find your hand
And boy we dance
And find romance
For the first time
Is this the sign?
Have we been blind
All this time
All this time
For the first time

And damn
Hot Damn!
I look good
I look good
I look good


A still life observed while enjoying an early evening perfectly warm stroll along the Boardwalk near the sea.

I nearly passed by it
Co-workers on the beach quiet
Lee kissing Lim
Burning skin in intense city dreams
These are the dreams
The dreams life is made of
The dreams it’s so good to be out of

The awe

Fists clenched still
Life presents endless cycles
Endless eruptions of fear elation anxiety
And peace
Even still
In this still, still life


It’s so good to be out of the office

Neck rolls and shoulder shrugs
Breathe in and close the eyes
Allow the peace to come and call
Leagues below
The depths the soul
The death of the soul


Fists unclenched
Eyes wide revealing it now
Ah, see them still
Life, why don’t I have this still

Soft sands soft hands
Limber lips
A melting sun


Getting Old Is Always So Depressing

How do those words feel falling from your mouth?
These ideas you’ve scoffed so long and now own?
How far removed from the orbit of your soul do you find yourself today?
Has the reality of the failure begun to set in?

Or have you just accepted this dry wrinkle your days have become?
Let the humorless warm bath of rigid frigidity soak in?
And is this all just okay?
You fuck.
You mother fuck.
Feeling good?
Proud of yourself and this language, these narrow thoughts in which you’ve jailed your imagination?
May you always remember the late night you gazed up from the earth and felt profound irrelevance and omnipotence all at once, the understanding you possessed in that instant.
May you never forget how you have forgotten that!


Hmm Yes, Sensual Discoveries ARE Still Possible At Midlife

The water feels wonderful on my skin tonight
I can breathe for what feels like the first time in years
All jagged edges of my daily toil sanded away with the finest of grain
The soap smells cleaner than it ever has

You’ve gotta hand it to the guys in the Cinemax Soft-Core Porn division for getting one thing right:
Bubble baths by candlelight bring life a rich bouquet of much needed joy


Which way do I go?

It would be so easy for me to evolve into a jolly old elf, laughing heartily, bringing cheer and mirth to the humdrum day
It’s as if it were in my DNA or etched in some god’s tablets, decreed by the founding fathers
And Obama
But I don’t want to be fat
You hear me, ye spinsters of fate
I don’t want to be fat
I want tone and the envy of my peers just as badly as I crave the classic sundae before me
Dreams dilemmas and delusions
The working title of my autobiography