Monthly Archives: August 2015

Fella. Love, Stella

I found you before you found me
But never ever, ever never
Did our soft souls meet
‘Twas desire, our glands, 
Our oven mitt hands, 
fumbling, bumbling, stumbling:
there, there, and
those nights
those nights
those nights
And then the shenanigans began 
That strange vacation
When I walked in and out but back again
Caught your commonplace sin 
The couch and cushion
Kissin’, pushin’, kissin’
I called you a dollar
You called me a whore
Are our lives so much better than they were 
Than they were 
Those days before?
When the wallets you wore
Were hooked by a chain
And you never even bothered
To ask my real name
You let your beard grow 
Like all your friends did
We called you unique
Like the tattoos your long sleeves hid
Fella, you ain’t got no call
Fella, there ain’t no grace in your fall
Maybe it’s time we break and call this quits
I’ll spend half my lifetime recovering from the feel of your zits
On my tits
Itty bitty bits
Betrayals and tricks
Ah crap!
Give me a kiss
On my sour, sour lips
My sour, sour lips

k-paso in duh neighborhood

Hey Luke!
Look, listen:
Lou kissin
Some broad named Tammy 
Look, listen:
Lou kissin
Some broad named Mandy 
Look, listen:
Lou kissin
Some broad named Alexandra 
Oh yeah, Luke, listen: 
Lou pissin 
Off the neighborhood broads
You got Tammy and Mandy and some broad called Alexandra
Wah wah – Alexandra – wah wah 
Doopelee dupe duh dee dang dee dang dang 
Lou listen: 
Luke’s kissin
Yo momma in duh Kmart parking lot
Alexandra! Time for your streusel and viola practice 
Get home girl!