Ancient Wisdom Freshly Translated From The Long Gone Tongue

Gratitude, it hath occurred to me
I’ve not courted ye
So, thusly and true
I shall let the floodgates rest
and the waters come
Watch mine ego dissolve in the corrosion
The love erosion
A phrase too easily interpreted in a negative light, “the love erosion,” but in this case you see the love is the actor, performing the eroding action, love eroding the ego, you see, so yes there’s hope here.
I am thinking, just like you are, it’s really kind of cool how I explain my poems right in the middle of the poem itself, yes? Kind of helps you comprehend the meaning, because I really feel, you know, like really sense, that you’re not getting it, you know? And it’s ok. We’re not all equipped. So therefore, the interlude. The education. The lesson. Do you get that?
Yes, ok, here we are, so
Let me think no longer of myself but focus on what others have done for me
How those noble souls, soiled and toiled, made my life so wonderful
Elevated me above their plebeian ways
Thank you, plebes
Gratitude hasn’t come often enough
But here it is
And I hope you’re grateful.



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