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Love In The Present Epoch

What’s happening with me?
Maybe it’s you, do you feel it too, what’s happening with you?
Maybe it’s the artisanal wine we’ve sipped, so so good, so
Satisfying inside and so affordable too?
Maybe it’s this rain and the song that Spotify just chose?

I’ve truly never felt this close with someone, it’s like the lines have blurred
Our merging hearts caressing
You and I sitting here, legs folded, facing one another
You leaning in to me
Our foreheads touch softly, just enough so that I encounter the strength and armor of your skull but also the kindness of your mind
And perhaps your soul
Each message you’re sending so soft and clear and unique to you yet classic like memes passed down from the ancients
Our faces aglow

Gosh, it’s amazing to me
I’ve never texted like this before
I pray to some all-knowing all-powerful intelligence to let this moment never end and our batteries never die and our wifi never hiccup and our thumbs never tire

Your texts are so intimate tonight
Oh damn, that emoji really turns me on, I’m typing so fast



That’s enough
I know too much now
Missives every moment you summer on the shores of oblivion
The onslaught providing comfort 
Hollow reminders of the bedrock of this moment, but this moment alone 
Perhaps that’s why you feel the urge to over-share
Perhaps to save your sponsored soul
A bulwark against the others’ stream
The breaking reports of a life you should have lived passing you by
A swollen swift-flow:
I am so much better than you
How do you and I find our way back
Speak, touch uncertain
But speak and touch once again
The obstacles are many and true
Progress does not wait for you
Our interloper loves to march, the cardio sublime
Too pleased, too eager
Zealous seductions of soft limitless cool mud while the planet burns
Sticky tar 
Don’t look here, no not here
The answer is poking you elsewhere