Dreamboat On A Rough Sea Named Reality

His scowl sets hearts aflutter, unwinds our shell of self-control
Fueling fantasies he could be our lover, our leader
A lion among men

Oh dear he smiles
And the dreams unwind and reveal how common
How unsubstantial he truly is

So we move on, seeking to worship others equally unworthy
But better marketers
Who know at least to hide the upturn of their mouths.

He’s the kind of guy whose stories always begin boldly, so auspiciously seductive.
Oh my god this is going to be so I don’t know what’s the word? Great? Yes so great…
And…and then?

And then
The narrative unwinds in vague mumbles that leave you deflated and bored
Ruing your wasted time

We want so badly to love him
And in the end underneath it all we do
But he doesn’t stick in our minds with the passion our hopes had dreamed for him

A disappointing soap opera star met at the grocery check-out
Bags of organic candy
The lonely generic dandruff shampoo

It’s a shame and we shake our heads at the unnerving tragedy
How come some people just can’t get their shit together and live up to what we expect in them?
Shame shame shame shake shake shake

Hello, mirror, good morning.