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On The Scene in seven haiku

Red steak and rare wine
Cold rain screaming its desires
Lust, cafe, winter

Heavy pour of wine
The next dose warms their spotlight
Queer looks, queer glances

Converging pathways
Choices guessed at in a blur
Journeys made of wine

The hand cups the breast
As if caressing fine wine
Preserving bouquet

Soft silk on the skin
Like sand streaming through fingers
Their moans, deep red wine

Night ends like stale wine
Decanting hard memories
Please escape with me

Amble on the road
Don’t let the hitch in your stride
Reveal drunken wine




Famous Haiku

Dull January,
Beaming in first position:
The year’s hangover 

Before December
The tulips danced in splendor.
Now, they are gone, dead.

Come July, do come
Renew the calendar faith
In the hot mid-year.

Some say September
Sparks the chill, starts the decline.
I love its clear skies.